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The importance of a customer journey map

An important aspect to a successful website and marketing strategy is getting the customer journey right. A ‘customer jo ...
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The power of Agile in a development team

Embracing Agile methodologies creates a competitive advantage by boosting the performance of teams and products, and inc ...
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Unwrapping 2020

A little "behind the scenes" video to what the PS/digital team has been up to over the past 12 months! It's been a rolle ...
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Weather + Marketing

We all know the marketing concept that you will sell more umbrellas on a rainy day. But imagine if you knew where and wh ...
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2020 Marketing Rethink

This year has completely changed the way we use and engage with social media. Brand’s mindsets have shifted from creatin ...
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Is your brand in need of a content refresh?

Social media performance has its highs and lows. One week your post has high engagement and reach, but the following wee ...
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Boost your Social Media skills for your business

Most companies are relying heavily on technology to adapt in these turbulent times which is why now is the best time to ...
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Understanding the COVID-19 impact on digital marketing

With COVID-19 continuing to have challenging effects on businesses, it’s important to stay informed to ensure you are ma ...
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PS turns 12 during lockdown!

It's our birthday week! Wehooo. To celebrate our 12th Birthday we've decided to get a wee bit personal and share some th ...
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