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PS Blog Covid Tile2 v2

Tips for your Business during Lockdown 2.0

Marketing | Technology | PS/news

20 August, 2021

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PS Blog Marketing Automation 3

Why invest in marketing automation for your business

Strategy | Marketing

8 July, 2021

Marketing automation is the beginning of creating a better customer experience and overall better marketing, and we want to show you how effective it can be for your business.
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PS Blog iOSupdate Thumbnail v2

Big privacy update for Apple users

Marketing | Technology

12 May, 2021

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk around Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 privacy update and how iPhone users now have to give consent on whether they want to be tracked when they access apps on their phone.
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04 21 PS Blog GooglemyBusiness thumbnail

Drive customer engagement with 'Google my Business'


20 April, 2021

‘Google My Business’ is one of the best tools for making your business standout and helps your business reach a new audience’s attention.
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PS Blog 5EasyLinkedinTips Thumbnail 1

Our 5 easy Linkedin tips


13 April, 2021

Linkedin is the best platform for growing and maintaining your professional network which is why we believe everyone should be part of the wonders of Linkedin!
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PS Blog CustomerJourney thumbnail

The importance of a customer journey map

Strategy | Marketing

31 March, 2021

A ‘customer journey map’ allows us to see how a user will interact with the website from their point of view. It helps us take a step back on what the user needs and wants to experience from both a marketing and website perspective.
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PS Blog ThePowerofAgile thumbnail v2

The power of Agile in a development team


9 March, 2021

Embracing Agile methodologies creates a competitive advantage by boosting the performance of teams and products, and increasing the speed of time to market.
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PS Blog Unwrapping2020 thumbnail

Unwrapping 2020


21 December, 2020

A little "behind the scenes" video to what the PS/digital team has been up to over the past 12 months. It's been a roller coaster of a year, but luckily our epic team has made it a fun ride!
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PS Blog Marketing+Weather thumbnail v2

Weather + Marketing


21 October, 2020

We all know the marketing concept that you will sell more umbrellas on a rainy day. But imagine if you knew where and when ahead of time to get in front of your customer. There is a bigger opportunity for many businesses to use weather-based marketing within their strategy and we want to show you how.
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