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Why invest in marketing automation for your business

Strategy | Marketing

8 July, 2021

Marketing automation is the beginning of creating a better customer experience and overall better marketing, and we want to show you how effective it can be for your business.
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The importance of a customer journey map

Strategy | Marketing

31 March, 2021

A ‘customer journey map’ allows us to see how a user will interact with the website from their point of view. It helps us take a step back on what the user needs and wants to experience from both a marketing and website perspective.
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The power of Agile in a development team


9 March, 2021

Embracing Agile methodologies creates a competitive advantage by boosting the performance of teams and products, and increasing the speed of time to market.
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Handy Hacks for working remotely

Strategy | PS/news

31 March, 2020

Here at PS, we are fortunate enough to be able to work 100% remotely during the nationwide lock down. Below are our handy hacks that we are finding helpful to keep us on track during this new way of working.
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Information Architecture (IA) is the blueprint of your website


19 February, 2020

Information Architecture (IA) is created at the beginning phase of website development after the strategy has been completed and you have an understanding of who the users are!
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social media strategy111

Social Media, let's get planning

Strategy | Marketing

10 February, 2015

A new year means a new social media strategy. Planning is essential!
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