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06 22 PS Get social thumb

Stop scrolling and get social

Marketing | Technology

9 June, 2022

Stop your scroll and check out the latest changes in the social media world this week that your business needs to know.
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03 22 PS security thumb v2

Staying cyber safe in 2022

Marketing | Technology

23 March, 2022

We know it’s important to stay safe online, but do you know how? With Cybercrime at an all time high, now is the time to protect yourself and your devices. There is no silver bullet to prevent a cyber attack, but there are easy measures you can put in place to protect yourself in the digital world.
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03 22 PS TC Changes thumb 1

Social media ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Marketing | Technology

17 March, 2022

Just like Bowie once did, social media platforms are constantly adapting and creating new iterations to better meet the needs of their audiences. Here is the latest news that is making waves in the social media world.
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02 22 PS Emoji thumb 1

An emoji is worth 1000 words

Marketing | Technology

17 February, 2022

New emojis are coming to a phone near you! Apple has launched their iOS 15.4 beta which includes some exciting additions to the emoji keyboard, including a melting face smiley, pointing finger, and a mirror ball for the disco lover in all of us.
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11 21 PS Blog GA4 thumbnail

Google Analytics latest iteration is one for the history books

Marketing | Technology

8 December, 2021

The newest iteration of Google Analytics popular ‘Universal Analytics’ platform launched late last year, however many are yet to make the jump over the new generation product ‘Google Analytics 4’ (GA4). Is it time for your business to transition? Check out our quick guide below to find out more.
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11 21 PS Blog Fraud week Thumbnail v2

Keeping yourself safe online

Technology | PS/news

18 November, 2021

The crackdown on how personal information is gathered, used and stored is becoming very real. As an individual it's now more important than ever to wise up to keeping your data safe online. As a business, the last thing you want to do is put a bad taste in a potential customer's mouth early in the process.
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PS Blog Covid Tile2 v2

Tips for your Business during Lockdown 2.0

Marketing | Technology | PS/news

20 August, 2021

As we finish day 3 of lockdown 2.0, we thought that we would share a handful of tips on how to keep your professional self & business motivated and thriving during this time. This is a challenging time for all, but we’ve done it before so we can do it again!
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PS Blog iOSupdate Thumbnail v2

Big privacy update for Apple users

Marketing | Technology

12 May, 2021

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk around Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 privacy update and how iPhone users now have to give consent on whether they want to be tracked when they access apps on their phone.
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PS blogpost 03 2020 Hosting Jere

What’s all this about hosting?


12 March, 2020

Ever wondered what we mean when we talk about hosting your website? Keep on reading to find out.
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