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Friends of PS.


We’re better together! Two heads are better than one and, in many cases, two companies are better than one – especially when they combine resources or share expertise in order to grow your business. We love to collaborate with epic like-minded agencies to get the best results.

Our pals, Homegrown Creative

Homegrown is a Wellington based, boutique creative studio. They live for outstanding brands, gritty creative challenges and delighted customers.

“Homegrown Creative and PlasticStudio have the same personal style, it's down to earth and they always speak in plain english so we can understand the solution - when they work with our customers it’s seamless and not over complicated. PS have the perfect balance of technical and personality.” Says Jamie Schaeffer, Creative Director.

We’ve partnered with Homegrown for many years, on a variety of different projects. Working with our pals means we communicate well and have a lot of fun along the way. 

“We use PlasticStudio's services as an extension of our own creative product. They make anything we throw their way happen with ease. I've known Richard for a long time and we've been working with PlasticStudio since they were a team of 2 - the same personality remains at PS, even now they are a team of many more - I really love that this hasn't been lost.” - Jamie.