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Friends of PS.


At PlasticStudio, we love building on-going relationships and collaborating with our clients and suppliers. When like minded people develop a unique working partnership - you grow respect, efficiency and loyalty. 

Our pals, OneNineFive

OneNineFive are an epic company in the ‘event management’ sector, working with organisations in NZ and overseas. They are focused on the design and delivery of incentive and reward programmes, executive and lead team off-sites as well as client and customer experiences. They deliver experiences that create real change in organisations. They also run a separate brand, 34°South, delivering customised premium travel experiences for visitors in NZ.

We are super proud to have been working with OneNineFive since 2011 (that’s over 8 years). 

“We love the collaboration with PS on projects, as do our clients. The PS team have this deep desire to make sure it ‘works’ – this sounds obvious but it’s deeper than just making the technical side robust. It’s about purpose and outcomes and alignment for all involved. We like that.” says Greg Norris, Director. 

We love helping them implement incredible programmes with tricky customised platforms, that are technically challenging and handle ‘a lot’ of data. Seeing the success of the function and implementation is both satisfying and gratifying. 

“We like it that PS has all the skills in house, but are not so big that you feel like you are working with a massive agency.  We are also in awe of the culture that Richard and Phoebe have created there, and how they inspire and look after their team and the pleasure they all seem to get from working there.” says Greg.