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5 Step Funnel Process to Grow your Business


Growing your business is something we all understand, but the term 'digital marketing' and how it works is still foreign and confusing to a lot of people.

The fast-paced nature of it can make it hard to keep up and know if it is delivering real results. We often see businesses make poor decisions or focus on the wrong areas.

To help advise our clients and avoid these common issues, we use the following funnel process to make more informed decisions. The marketing funnel covers five key steps, from content creation through to referring. This process highlights where in the chain the issue is and helps you see the bigger picture.

We often see clients forgetting about the referral stage and in some situations this can be very valuable to your business.


Want to see how the funnel process can help grow your business? Let's sit down and work out a plan for your business! Drop me a line.






 As expected, the planning stage is at the top as content is king! It is the conversation starter and needs to be relevant, informative and helpful to potential customers.

Once you have a plan in place, the next step is promoting and publishing it through the appropriate social channels. This step is how your target audience will notice your content and be drawn in!

Now that your content has reached the target audience you want to encourage the potential customer to take action and 'share' the content. The more people you have talking about your brand, the better!

 This is the make or break stage! You've caught the eye of a potential customer and got them further down the funnel - the next step is to convert them into a customer. This step can be helped along with special offers, incentives and strong call-to-actions.

Wehooo you've won the customer over! It's important to encourage the happy customer to talk about your business. Sharing positive feedback and getting testimonials is a great way to get referrals.