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Google’s 'must have' SEO tool

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There is a lot of information out there on how to ‘do good SEO’, but hardly any about how to tell if what you’re doing is actually working. 

Naturally when you do a search for ‘how to track your search position rank’ or an equivalent, you will get hundreds of blog posts loaded with sponsored links to paid SEO reporting tools. This doesn’t surprise me - kudos to them for doing their job. 

Ironically hidden somewhere in that list is a tool from Google - Google Search Console. It provides a great starting point for tracking your search ranking and monitoring how Google rewards the changes you make to your websites SEO strategy - and it’s free.

Here's an example: Last month we did some SEO work on a clients site. Using Search Console’s performance reporting we can filter to compare their search ranking from before and after the work was carried out:




Simple, to the point and data straight from the Google mothership. As well as a tangible, significant increase in rank position that we can tell the client about. 

Performance reporting is only the tip of the iceberg as to what Search Console can do. Keen to help get set up or boost your search ranking? Let’s chat!