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Information Architecture (IA) is the blueprint of your website


Information Architecture (IA) is created at the beginning phase of website development after the strategy has been completed and you have an understanding of who the users are!

Helping clients understand. 

IA is the backbone of the service you’re providing. It helps to organise content in an appropriate and easy way for your website visitors to understand. 

We work alongside clients to re-organise their website structure and services to be customer-centric, instead of how the internal view of the organisation works. At the same time, it helps to create the navigation and hierarchy of the website. If the foundation is strong, the user experience will be stronger.


We believe navigation is one of the most important components of a website. A good navigation menu allows users to move easily throughout the site. The hierarchy is important in defining the structure of the content.

From a practical perspective, this process is often documented as wireframe sketches on a page, demonstrating the key elements coming together e.g. the navigation, content & hierarchy, the strategy and the why. It’s very much like a blueprint or an architectural drawing for your house!

Organising content and enhancing the user experience

When dealing with different types of content such as text, videos and images, having a good IA is crucial in enhancing the user experience of a website. If the content is well organised, the IA will help make the design and build process easier.

To discuss your IA, please get in touch!