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SilverStripe Global Partner


PlasticStudio is proud to announce we are now a SilverStripe global partner.

We are excited to have been accepted as the 13th SilverStripe partner in New Zealand. It is an honour to be recognised for our expertise in delivering high-quality SilverStripe websites.

We have recently completed a rigorous acceptance process. This involved SilverStripe interviewing our clients and conducting a technical audit.  

We have completed a variety of different projects, pushed them to their limits and understand this technology really well. As a SilverStripe partner, it ensures that we continue to follow best practice by building high-quality sites that are innovative, secure and scalable.  

Often your website is only as good as the people that put it together. It’s an honour to be given this award and to be acknowledged as a high-performing company.

This collaboration with SilverStripe enables us to partner with top digital engineers, and provide quality assurance to our clients. It’s also a great support to our development team to lean on a specialist if needed.