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Tips for your Business during Lockdown 2.0

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As we finish day 3 of lockdown 2.0, we thought that we would share a handful of tips on how to keep your professional self & business motivated and thriving during this time. This is a challenging time for all, but we’ve done it before so we can do it again! 

We hope that our tips below are of some benefit for you and your business. We’ve kept them bite sized so that you can start implementing them today!

  • Stay connected and active on social media. With a 36% increase in people spending more time on social media, it’s more important than ever to keep your clients informed and up to date with how your business is operating during lockdown. Consider "pinning" an important post to your Facebook page, share fun screenshots of your team working remotely and provide topical and relevant content. During this time a lot of people have questions, so responding quickly is critical! Remember to always remain polite, positive and professional - your followers will appreciate it, we promise!

  • Update your professional profiles, particularly Linkedin. If there was ever a time to strengthen your professional network, this is it. Almost everyone is at home with their laptops in hand and these are the people you need to connect with. Typically you need to pass through a few people to speak with the key person, but as that key person is also in lockdown, now is your chance to connect with them and start a conversation. Make sure your profile is up to date and your photo is current and professional.

  • Update your business listing on ‘Google my Business’. If your business is affected by the lockdown and is operating differently to normal then we recommend updating your ‘Google My Business’ profile to provide the most accurate information. You can adjust hours of operation, provide delays on specific business services, list extra services you are providing and if your business is not operating during the lockdown then activate the “temporarily closed” status, a feature that is now available as a result of Covid-19. These can be updated as regularly as you like and will also pull through to Google Search and Maps. 

  • Check in with your team! This is perhaps the most important tip! Check in regularly with your team. We have the best technology to make this super easy (Google Hangout, Zoom etc) and encourage them to take regular breaks and keep active. Most Kiwi’s love a chat, so keep the communication lines open during this time. Hosting a team quiz night, “dress up Wednesday'' or virtual friday night drinks are all ways to keep things relatively “normal” during this not so normal time!

We are here to help with any digital or marketing questions you might have during this time.
Please get in touch if you need any advice or assistance with Covid-19-related communications or website updates. 

Keep safe, stay strong and look after your lockdown bubble and work buds!