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Understanding the COVID-19 impact on digital marketing


With COVID-19 continuing to have challenging effects on businesses, it’s important to stay informed to ensure you are making the right decisions for your business. Like yourself, we are curious about the upcoming changes to the digital world, and we wanted to explore this more to see if our assumptions were right. That way, we can continue being a great digital partner to our clients and work with them to come out the other side of this. Together

Here’s what we found. 

  • Social media use is spiking worldwide, with a 15% growth rate across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
  • Trust in social media for information has decreased by 17% due to the rise in incorrect opinions. 
  • A third of consumers are using social media to escape and bring a sense of normality to their lives. So don’t be afraid to post non-coronavirus related content, chances are people will actually love you more for it! 
  • 40% of consumers are using social media for entertainment, with 54% of Gen Z’s (16-23 years-old) continuously looking for humour related content and memes to share.


  • 30% of consumers are sharing their opinion more online and the rise in live streams and networking for work purposes is happening everyday.
  • Video content is the highest form of entertainment and engagement, and will continue to spike exponentially even after COVID-19.
  • Podcasts and live streams are most popular amongst the younger generations, but 18% of older consumers are also listening to what you have to say online.
  • Apps are connecting people more than ever with their friends, families and colleagues. The most popular app is Facebook with 69% of consumers online. 

If you were ever doubting your choice in using social media for your business during this time, we hope we have convinced you otherwise! 

The online world is the place to be in order to engage, entertain, and educate your audience. The PS team are here to help take your business into the digital age and get you speaking to the right audience. Get in touch with us today so we can see how to make it work best for you. 

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