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Your content graveyard is hurting your search ranking


Your content graveyard is hurting your search ranking.

A content graveyard is made up of pages on your site which google deems ‘low quality’ and generally are the ones getting no or very little traffic. We call them zombie pages - and it’s possible you have dozens or hundreds of them on your site. 

Google regularly indexes the URLs on your website and if it starts to find a large amount of low-quality links it will penalise your search ranking. Google only wants to show users quality content! 

Identifying poor performing pages is not as easy as you’d think. The problem is that Google Analytics only reports on pages that are getting views. If there are no views the page will not even show up in GA - a ghost!

We help our clients find their content graveyard by creating an index of their whole site, taking a massive export from GA and then we match these datasets to find pages with no traffic and small traffic for different times in history. 

We provide this report in an easily viewable and filterable format so you can decide what to remove, revise and revamp.

Keen to see what your content graveyard is looking like? Get in touch with us today.