PS blog post 03 20 RemotelyWorking text 1

Handy Hacks for working remotely

Here at PS, we are fortunate enough to be able to work 100% remotely during the nationwide lock down. For those of you w ...
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PS Blog Good Bad Ugly Copy Zoe

Good marketing copy vs Bad marketing copy.

They say a picture can tell 1000 words, but we say never underestimate how important good copy can be for persuading you ...
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PS blogpost 03 2020 Hosting Jere

What’s all this about hosting?

Ever wondered what we mean when we talk about hosting your website? Keep on reading to find out...
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PS blogpost Collaboration Phoebe

The power of collaboration tools.

At PS we love to collaborate with our clients, other agencies and internally to get the very best results. Part of our s ...
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PS blogpost ContentGravyard Jack

Your content graveyard is hurting your search ranking.

A content graveyard is made up of pages on your site which google deems ‘low quality’ and generally are the ones getting ...
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PS blogpost IA Arlene 1

Information Architecture (IA) is the blueprint of your website.

Information Architecture (IA) is created at the beginning phase of website development after the strategy has been compl ...
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PS marketing campaign google search behaviours

Why we use Google for search.

Most of the time when we need to know something, we reach to our device and ‘google’ our query and up pops multiple answ ...
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PS xmas marketing thumbnail v2.1

Marketing etiquette for your business over the festive season.

Are you thinking about major changes to your website or looking to launch a brilliant new marketing campaign before Chri ...
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Friends of PS homegrown v2

Friends of PS.

We’re better together! Two heads are better than one and, in many cases, two companies are better than one – especially ...
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