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Bike There

We Love Bikes. We are delighted to work on 'Bike There' in partnership with Diagram and the Wellington City Council. We collaborated to create a site that has tailored content to every kind of rider, from a beginner through to a seasoned pro.

Forestry Careers NZ

Forestry is going to play a big role in NZ's green future. Forestry Careers NZ offers some amazing career opportunities. We collaborated with Scenario, helping to plan out and create a functional and inspiring site, giving you all the information you need to plan your career.

Qual IT

The quality assurance experts you’ll need on your team when ensuring your IT project meets your requirements and does what it says on the box. We highly value our ongoing relationship with QualIT and have adapted their website to meet their evolving requirements a number of times.


MTA have a strong history leading New Zealand’s automotive industry. They provide support and development to the industry and peace of mind for us motorists! We enjoy working with MTA across their digital marketing and many websites.

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We were happy to get behind Foxplan’s vision to help New Zealand become financially fit. Our marketing strategy focused first on changing the industry terminology into something we can all relate to. We also injected solid creative and brand personality to help stand out in a busy market. The results are speaking for themselves.

Sport Wellington

Sport Wellington are committed to everyone in the greater Wellington region having a life-long involvement with sport, health and well being. We have loved working with the team to update their site architecture, usability as well as creating a fresh new design style.


A juice that not only tastes great but is organic, fair trade and helps build better communities. We love a company that truly focuses on being a great product but also socially responsible. We help Almighty with their digital marketing strategy and ongoing training and support.

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We Love Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back! You can change your walls as often as you change your pants. This website delivers a great mobile experience, allowing you to browse the latest trends in Wallpaper - don’t be limited by the stock in your local store. The website also leads the way in delivering samples to your front door - see something you like while on your couch and a sample is delivered.

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The cost of petrol gets as much air time as the cost of milk! New World have joined forces to bring you better deals. We’ve built a site that uses GEO targets to find your nearest provider.

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Wellington City Council

We’re proud to help deliver the Wellington City Council 10 Year Plan engagement website. The website allowed 1000’s of Wellingtonians to have their say about the future of Wellington. The website has to be easy to navigate and make the complex seem simple. The cool part is that the results are mapped live! No more waiting, you can see our future being mapped out in from of your eyes!

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If you like your coffee just right, you’ll like Superfino. The design is uniquely on brand with clean and modern photography. The website maps out the growing store locations.

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One of the world's most successful corporate training providers with over 20,000 accredited trainers, over 2,000,000 profiles and still growing. We have enjoyed working with TMS to help transform their brand digitally. This website is a large scale site with loads of amazing resources in over 20 languages.

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There is always something going on at LGNZ and the website is continually changing to support this. We provide ongoing training and support, build new areas and keep the website well maintained. Often projects come up quickly, so being an agile team helps us respond fast.

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I Love Food Co.

We Love food!! We are very proud to help manage the overall brand, packaging and general design communication of all of these amazing goods. We have been working with Maree and Jessie since the start and highly value our close and on-going relationship.

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Waikato Garden Bins.

This is a truly digital brand that offers discounted green waste services by allowing customers to interact online. We grew the customer base using digital marketing, outperforming other more traditional methods. The customers can sign up via a website that completes the transaction. We have all sorts of technology working in the background to make this process seamless for the customer.


Established in 1944, Lewis’s is one of Wellington's iconic brands. We updated the design of their website and migrated them onto a more stable digital platform. The new website allows them to showcase their extensive product range.

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Wellington Water.

We’ve been working with Wellington Water for many years. The most recent release of the website includes a live map so you can see when work is being done in your area and also mapping any outages. The website has been designed to help in case of an emergency and also helps communicate to homeowners, businesses, contractors and suppliers.

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Little Garden

We're excited to have worked with New World to design and build the Little Garden campaign website. We pushed the level of interactivity to keep visitors coming back and prolong the lifespan of the campaign.

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The amazing team at OneNiveFive deliver extraordinary events and experiences anywhere in the world. They needed a unique website to help showcase their capability and to support their growth.

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The New Zealand Initiative.

The people responsible for mapping pathways towards a better future for New Zealand. We worked closely with them to design and build a website that showcases their work and shared it with the world.

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Bay of Many Coves.

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting ‘Bay of Many Coves’ you’ll understand they have re-defined luxury. It’s an amazing five-star luxury resort in the picturesque Marlborough Sounds. Their website is responsible for a large proportion of their sales and allows visitors to book directly. The website also offers a number of languages including Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.


VSA make a real difference in the Pacific. Sir Edmund Hillary, VSA’s founding President, believed passionately that if people work together in equal partnership they can achieve great things. The website is critical to help promote and fulfill volunteer vacancies and a has a treasure trove of amazing articles and stories from volunteers.

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Pencarrow Private Equity work with some of New Zealand's most promising brands. We needed to create a website that better represented who they are and what they have to offer. This resulted in a unique design that was both clean and creative.

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Gilmours are New Zealand’s largest supplier of wholesale food and beverages and they focus on top quality products and the best prices. The website is a showcase for the range, customer benefits and store locations. We also work with Gilmours on their Melbourne incentive program 'The Finest Cut.'

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Wellington Electricity.

It’s not until your power goes out that you really appreciate the work Wellington Electricity really do! The brief was to design and build a website that helped keep people informed live with what was happening. The solution not only looks great, but also works well on all mobile devices as this is what's relied on when the power goes out.

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